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Technology Support

Alpha plastics aims to create value with customers as an engineering plastics expert who turns "ideas for the future"into reality.

Support customers for better product manufacturing through solutions

In our company, based on the values known as "alpha-way," the business and research and development departments work together to provide technical support to help customers make better products.We not only provide molding products, but also approach customers from the technology and overall solutions, providing multi-year nurturing solutions at all stages of the selection of the best materials, product design support, development/delivery of trial-produced materials, and mass production.

The number of test reports submitted throughout the year is 3206!

The company shall prepare a report and submit it to the customer based on the experimental results for the purpose of product evaluation and analysis.3,206 reports were submitted in 2017.This can also be said to be the number of products our company provides to support the production of customers. In the future, we will continue to stand in the nearest place to customers, and strive to create value together with customers
A wide variety of customer support

The company provides 24 hours, 365 days of customer support online. Engineering plastics bottle technicians, who have accumulated abundant data and experience, are always on hand to respond politely to the technical and business consultation, the issuance commission of various certificates, etc. More than 30,000 customers in 50 countries are using the service

Various exhibitions and exhibitions

In order to directly propose the latest materials and solutions of our company to customers, our company will attend the world famous exhibition every year besides attending the exhibition in China and abroad

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