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White Plastic Bottles

  • Round Plastic Jars Lid Bottle CapsRound Plastic Jars Lid Bottle CapsApril 25, 2018Round Plastic Jar Lid Bottle Caps FeaturesThe "flip top" or "swing-top" consists of a plastic or ceramic stopper held in place by a set of wires. Prior to The invention of The crown cork,This is the d...MORE
  • HDPE Plastic BottlesHDPE Plastic BottlesApril 25, 2018HDPE Plastic Bottles FeaturesIt is one of the most common plastics used in manufacturing.PE is known for its durability and strength. While not as clear as other plastics PE bottles and containers are...MORE
  • Plastic Cosmetic BottlesPlastic Cosmetic BottlesApril 25, 2018Plastic Cosmetic Bottles Description:Classic fruity modeling, the design of human body engineering, opaque to avoid product by direct sunlight, each process can be retrospective, with high-quality PET...MORE
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