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Yellow Plastic Bottles

  • Plastic Caps For PET BottlesPlastic Caps For PET BottlesApril 25, 2018Plastic Caps For PET Bottles FeaturesNo sprayer head will last forever, but our's is designed to maximize its lifespan with a rubber piston cup for broader chemical resistance with thick protection fo...MORE
  • Plastic Water Bottle Caps Push Pull Lid CapsPlastic Water Bottle Caps Push Pull Lid CapsApril 25, 2018Plastic Water Bottle Caps Push Pull Lid Caps Features:plastic bottle caps made of plastic, as seen on many water bottles, and here seen in closed configuration. The unique three-dimensional modeling i...MORE
  • Float BallsFloat BallsApril 25, 2018Float Balls Description:Engineering floating ball, suitable for various installation locations, the company has passed the EU certification. The screw joint is used to ensure that there is no leakage,...MORE
  • Plastic Bottle CapsPlastic Bottle CapsApril 25, 2018Plastic Bottle Caps Features:It adopts internal clip design and external open cover design, which is suitable for open bottle or water cup bottle cover. It can directly open the cover and pour out the...MORE
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