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Do You Know the Function of Red Ribbons on Wine Bottles? ?

Friends who have seen Maotai liquor know that there is a red ribbon on the bottle of Maotai liquor. Some people say that there are numbers on the ribbon. Those numbers represent the production workshop and storage room of Maotai liquor. Others say that they are for beauty. So what is the function of red ribbon on Maotai wine bottle? Specifically as follows:

1. Liquor flag, also known as Wine Hope, Wine Curtain, Green Flag and so on, is the oldest form of advertising in China. As early as the Warring States Period, wine flag usually hangs in the corner of the eaves, or use a single long pole to pick up the wine flag, mainly in order to let more customers see, you know that this is a wine shop. Although Maotai's red ribbon does not originate from the "wine flag", it does give people the visual effect of the wine flag and the wine front.

2. Publicity
The ribbon on the wine bottle flutters in the wind, with its own signboard printed on it. It can effectively publicize its own wine and spread the history of Maotai liquor worldwide.

3. Beautiful Decoration
Maotai liquor's ribbon concentrates elements such as China red, red ribbon, diagonal ribbon and so on. Red ribbon plus liquor bottle is solemn, and it echoes the red label on the bottle. It is  natural, not too exaggerated, and has a relatively good visual effect.
4. Identify Reference
Maotai Red Wine has perfect quality control and technological standards. For example, the red ribbon must be overlapped and tied in the middle of the front trademark, vertical and straight. Moreover, the lower end of the ribbon is located in the middle word “mao”(usually located at the lower edge of the radical "Cao") among the five words of “Maotai liquor in Guizhou Province”. If a box of Maotai liquor is opened and the red ribbon "shawl is distributed",and is not overlap in the middle of the front label, then the bottle of Maotai liquor may be problematic, and to some extent, it can play a role in distinguishing the true from the false.

5. Management Style
Maotai liquor has an Arabic numeral of 0-18 on its inner ribbon, but not on its outer ribbon. These ribbons are tied up by special personnel of Maotai distillery, each ribbon has its own code, and each employee's code is different. This code is the work number of the employees on the official day. These work numbers are recorded in the archives. In the later stage of sales, once any bottle of wine goes wrong, Maotai company can quickly trace back to the distillery employees, find responsible people according to the number on the red ribbon. .This is a manifestation of management, but also a responsible performance of Maotai liquor, in case of emergency, tracing back to the source;

6. Auxiliary function
If Maotai liquor leaks seriously, it will usually leave a mark on the drift belt, visible to the naked eye. To some extent, it can help you to quickly check if there is any leak.

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