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Four Principles for the Production of Plastic Bottles

1. What kind of main raw materials and additives are chosen for plastic bottles, which plays a vital role in the quality of plastic bottles? There are many kinds of main raw materials in the selection, which requires us to check their main properties when choosing. Usually, tablets are made of high-density polyethylene, polypropylene bottles, such as PET bottles for transparency, and brown PET bottles are used for medicine with higher isolation function, light-resistance, and opacity. The better isolation function is PE. N bottles. Polypropylene bottles or polyester bottles are usually used as the main raw materials for medicinal liquid bottles.

2. Sealability and scalability: Sealability and water vapor soakability are two important technical indicators of medicinal plastic bottles, which play an important role in the stability of charge.

3. Stability and compatibility: To select plastic bottles, especially new drugs, new plastic bottles (or new raw materials, new technology) generally need to carry out charge experiments beforehand to study the stability of charge and compatibility between plastic bottles and drugs. The immersion, dissolution, adsorption, chemical reaction, and denaturation of drugs and plastic bottle materials need to be determined by scientific testing.

4. Product quality and assurance system: Manufacturers of pharmaceutical plastic bottles generally have corresponding national and industrial standards. Usually, it is necessary to make a correct evaluation of the manufacturer's software and hardware equipment, technical equipment and quality level.

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