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Measurement Method And Application Of Bulk Plastic Bottle Caps

In our daily life, we often see bulk plastic bottle caps. We also know that they have a wide range of applications. But we usually don't know how to measure bulk plastic bottle caps. Perimeter measurement: dip the edge of bulk plastic bottle caps in ink, roll on paper for a week, mark it, and let it. Just roll a week, not much or less, the ink line must be straight, so you need to use tools, such as rulers or other things with the straight side, and then measure the ink line.

Diameter measurement: The bulk plastic bottle caps are carefully folded against metal, such as beer bulk plastic bottle caps, to form two approximate semicircles. The diameter of bulk plastic bottle caps is measured directly with a scale at the bottom of the semicircle. Use of waste bottle caps of bulk plastic bottles: Ginger peeling: the Ginger shape is curved, small, to eliminate the ginger peel is very troublesome, you can use the teeth around the soda bottle or wine bottle cap to peel ginger, fast and convenient.

Scale scraping: Take a small round rod about 15 centimeters long, nail two or four wine bottle caps on one end, and scrape the scales with the teeth of the end face of the cap. This is a good tool for scaling. Using waste bottle caps as decorations: The caps on wine bottles are collected in large glass bottles and placed in the dining room or living room. They are very unique decorations.

Drilling bit: If a hole about 2 cm in diameter is to be drilled on softwood or grey wall, a bottle cap can be fixed by a bolt, and then the bolt is stuck on the drill bit. The bottle cap can show itself here and play the role of a drill bit.

Hand-Making: Some bottle caps are beautiful and can be used as drawer handles. First, steel is used to cut a ring at the neck of the bottle, a cotton thread soaked in alcohol is used to tie the bottle at the notch, and the cotton thread is ignited. When the flame is about to extinguish, the bottle is immersed in cold water, and the bottle mouth can be cut off. The bottle mouth can be fixed on the drawer with proper bolts and sheep eye sockets, and then the bottle cap can be rotated on the bottle mouth. Make the furniture slide well; put a canned cap under each leg of the furniture to slide the furniture.
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