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Open the Big Market with Small Bottle Tops

A small plastic bottle cap has a billion-scale domestic market behind it. From a bottle of mineral water to a bottle of salad oil or even a bottle of automotive lubricant,  the caps of all kinds of inconspicuous bottled products you used in your life probably come from the same company.

Alpha Mould Technology Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of push pull bottle tops. It can provide push pull bottle tops commonly used in the market, and provide customers with products and services that meet the requirements, have good quality and reasonable prices, and we have made constant improvement. Small bottle cap seems simple, but there is no lack of technical content behind it. For customers who buy push pull bottle tops, plastic bottle caps should be safe, beautiful, reasonably priced, without quality defects, and well matched with plastic bottles for sealing products. For the final consumers, plastic bottle caps should be easy to open, light weight, safe and with harmless packaging.

With the rise of the Chinese market, more and more global funds and technologies have entered the Chinese plastic bottle cap market, and the competition in this field has become increasingly fierce. Alpha will further expand its presence and performance in mainland China and overseas markets, ensure that both Chinese and foreign customers will enjoy first-class global services , and benefit from Alpha's technological strength and progress.
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