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Performance and Applications of Plastic Wine Bottle Materials

Traditional beer bottle packaging material is the first generation of glass bottles and the second generation of aluminium cans. At present, the packaging material of beer bottles is undergoing a new transformation, toward the third generation of packaging material plastic wine bottles.

As the packaging material of beer bottle, its performance needs to meet the following requirements:

(1) Carbon dioxide spillover rate should be low to maintain the taste. Generally, the overflow rate of CO2 of 120 days is less than 5%。

(2) Beer is sensitive to oxygen and light, which requires low oxygen infiltration rate to prevent deterioration and increase storage period. It is generally, the infiltration rate of 120 days is less than 10-6g. At present, the specific regulations in different countries are different, generally 120 days, but the requirements of the United States is 110 days and Europe is 180 days.

(3) The heat-resistant temperature of plastic wine bottle materials should withstand pasteurization temperature. The pasteurization temperature is generally 75-80 C and the treatment time is 15 minutes. In addition, its heat-resistant temperature also can withstand high temperature cleaning after recycling use, usually in 75 ~ 80℃ with alkali solution cleaning.

(4) It has enough rigidity to withstand canning operation and stacking.

(5) It should be  absolutely non-toxic and must not contain substances harmful to human body.

(6) The surface is hard and invulnerable to scratch, so as to ensure that it can be recycled.

(7) Good transparency. Generally, the transparency should be over 80% to ensure that the packaging is clear and visible, so as to increase consumers'desire to buy.

(8) It can be recycled so as not to be discarded in nature to pollute the environment.

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