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PET Plastic Bottled Wine is Born or will Become a New Favorite of Bottle Packaging

In the traditional concept, wine bottles are all glass, but the wine packaging market is changing quietly. PET plastic bottles are occupying the low-end wine market and self-brewing wine market, which has a great potential to break through the market.

1. The Birth of PET Plastic Bottled Wine

Sutter Home, an American family vineyard, one of the early producers of plastic wine bottles, announced that its entire 187ml bottle production line would use Amcor Rigid Plastics'PET bottles. The company began to produce PET bottles in 2005, and the shape, sensibility and convenience of plastic bottles make them popular among consumers.

2. The future market of plastic wine bottles is facing challenges

The increasing popularity of PET plastic wine bottles also has potential problems. First of all, the safety of plastic wine bottle packaging, after all, liquor belongs to food, and is closely related to people's health. Plastic wine bottles store liquor and self-brewing liquor for a long time,whether it can ensure the safety and stability of packaging materials and without affecting the quality and safety of packaging liquor and aquatic products is very critical.
Secondly, the packaging of PET plastic wine bottles is monotonous, with few unique designs and exquisite appearance. For manufacturers with higher requirements for bottle packaging, plastic bottles are seldom used. More bottles are made of glass bottles, ceramic bottles and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the appearance and diversity of plastic wine bottle packaging.

However, there is still room for the future market of plastic wine bottles, but there are many barriers to cross. As a new field of PET packaging, the international wine market using PET bottle packaging has grown rapidly. The advantages of PET plastic wine bottle itself and technology will also help it gradually become a new favorite of wine packaging in the world!

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