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Plastic Pharmaceutical Bottles

Alpha Packaging caters to the pharmaceutical industry with FDA-approved resins and colorants for stock and customized pharmaceutical packaging. We are continuously investing in new molds for each solid dose and OTC liquid pharmaceutical formulations. And we will be replicating the molds and stocking the HDPE Pharma Line.

Our pharmaceutical bottles is ideal for large vitamin packers, as well as OTC pharmaceutical and private care products. We additionally offer full strains of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for the pharmaceutical segment. PET nutrition packers come in many sizes and patterns to meet your need, and our growing households of Modern Rounds, Cylinders, Drug Oblongs and different slim neck patterns are thought for liquid OTC applications. To see some of the pharmaceutical corporations who have faith Alpha for their packaging, view our Pharmaceutical bottles. We offer pharmaceutical bottles wholesale service!

Pharmaceutical Bottles Containers Wholesale Supplier

  • Nose Spray Bottles

    Nose Spray Bottles Description:Specially designed for patients with rhinitis nasal spray bottle, elongated caps drugs can be directly sent to the depths of the nose, to achieve better efficacy, classi...

  • PS Plastic Bottles

    PS Plastic Bottle Features:PS (Polystyrene) is a kind of non-toxic, odorless, colorless, transparent, glassy brittle material. It is easy to get colored. Also, this PS material contains good processin...

  • Plastic Pill Bottles

    Plastic Pill Bottles Description:Taupe pet bottle can effectively prevent medicine were compiled after exposure, USES the food grade pet, highly crystalline polymer, surface smooth, glossy, has excell...

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