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PS Plastic Bottles

PS Plastic Bottles
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PS Plastic Bottle Features:

PS (Polystyrene) is a kind of non-toxic, odorless, colorless, transparent, glassy brittle material. It is easy to get colored. Also, this PS material contains good processing fluidity, rigidity and chemical hold. The classic cube model, collocation is screw can open PS bottle caps, carefully with the outer layer can be lifted directly without unscrewing, suitable for storing volatile substances such as alcohol. The Closure is the standard for most bottles. Sizes are 18/410 18/415 20/410 20/415 24/410 24/415 28/410 28/415.  With excellent heat insulation, insulation, and transparency features, it is easy to get colored. Also, this PS material contains good processing fluidity, rigidity, and chemical resistance.

Because of its low impact resistance features, PS plastic bottles are widely applied to mass-produced products like disposable containers and cutlery and so on.

Different from glass containers, plastic bottles are rugged and won't shatter into sharp portions when dropped, making merchandise and packaging protected to handle. The equal resilience makes plastic bottles not going to leak or burst, protecting the contents as nicely as exterior shipping cartons. Plastic substances are effortless to mildew into a broad range of bottle shapes, improving their appearance and utility. In addition, plastics can vary from crystal clear to any shade or color, whether or not translucent or opaque, making merchandise and brands easy to discover with the aid of sight. Plastic bottles are lighter in weight than their glass counterparts, lowering strength and charges required to ship products.

Packaging plays an important position in turning in a successful product to your customers. Packaging influences your merchandise pricing and marketability. Your production system can have an effect on what kinds of packaging you might also use with your product. Chemicals, oils, and different ingredients in your product might also react with plastic or with closure liners, understanding how your product reacts with your chosen packaging is vital to examine earlier than you market your product or make modifications to your merchandise packaging. We can work carefully with you to make certain you have the right packaging for your production process. As a ps plastic bottle manufacturer, Alpha has gain a great reputation being in a position to supply customized bottle and color options. We won't let you down.

Material: Plastic Plastic Type: Ps Industrial Use:
Liquid/Personal care
Sealing Type:
Screw Cap Surface Handing: Hot Stamping Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China(mainland)
Brand Name: Alpha Model Number: 16KT521-new-18A-Alex Product name: Ps Plastic bottle
Certification: SGS & CQM & CQC Color: Customized Size: outside diameter:69mm ,height:160mm
Shape: Round
Capacity: 75ml 120ml 150ml  175ml 250ml 300ml  500ml 625ml  750m Customized Bottle weight: 34.39g
MOQ: 10000pcs Payment: L/C,T/T Delivery time: 15 days after deposit received

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