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Reasons and Treatment of Gas Expansion in Plastic Bottles

New characteristics of plastic bottle forming:

Crystalline material, moisture absorption is small, does not need to be full of dryness, excellent fluidity and pressure sensitivity, when forming should use high-pressure injection, material temperature uniformity, filling speed, full pressure. The direct gate should not be used to prevent uneven shortening and increase of internal stress. Attention should be paid to the selection of gate orientation to avoid shrinkage and deformation. The size and value of shortening are large, the direction is remarkable, and it is easy to deform and warp. The cooling speed should be slow. The mold should be equipped with a cooling material hole and a cooling system. Heating time should not be too long, or differentiation will occur. When soft plastic parts have shallow side grooves, they can be demoulded forcibly. Melt cracking may occur. It is not suitable to touch with organic solvents to prevent cracking. The production process of plastic bottles also includes solvent recovery, solvent refining, and other processes. The products with different molecular weight distribution can be obtained by using different combinations of polymerizers in series or parallel.

The flatulence of pesticide preparations is a technical problem which has not been handled well in pesticide companies for a long time, and it is also one of the important topics of pesticide preparations research. Although the state has no specific requirements and rules for pesticide standards related to companies and occupations, pesticide products are regarded as unqualified products because of their strange appearance and distortion. The inflation of pesticide preparations not only brings economic losses to manufacturers but also hides dangers in safety issues, sometimes even results in severe consequences.

Plastic bottle packaging plays an important role in the use of pesticides and can show important effects and values. However, in recent years, the use and packaging of plastic bottles often have certain quality and function doubts, which affect the effect and function value of plastic bottles in use.

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