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Reasons for Easy Scraping of Silk-printed Characters on High-grade Frosted Plastic Bottles

In recent days, some customers come to our company to make high-grade plastic bottles, because we do more PE materials, customers may choose, customers ask us, how can bottles be made in high-grade?

We told our  customers, if you want to make PE bottles into high-grade plastic bottles, there are two surface treatment methods, one is frosted plastic bottles, the other is pear-lustre plastic bottles.

Finally, the customer chose the frosted plastic bottles, the customer took a very beautiful frosted plastic bottle back to their boss to see.

The next day, the customer told me a question. The words on the frosted plastic bottle are easy to scrape off, and I didn't hide anything and told her that the surface of the bottle is polished the surface would be like a layer of fur, and the bottle would feel soft. It is a layer like fur that when the UV ink is printed on it, the adsorption becomes weaker.Vulnerable to scrape is a common issue facing high-grade frosted plastic bottles and it is difficult to solve.

When we doing plastic bottles manufacturing business must tell customers what we know when they came across trouble. Only then can we have a basis of mutual trust.
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