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Development Status and Prospect Prediction of Plastic Bottles for Sale

The diversity of plastic bottles for sale specifications can meet different levels of consumption.

As the competition in cosmetics market intensifies, manufacturers are investing more and more in cosmetics packaging. For middle and low-grade cosmetics, in order to meet different needs, the capacity of packaging containers presents diversity, so as to facilitate consumers' choice. For high-end products, small capacity containers are used for packaging to meet the needs of low-income people. Relatively speaking, shampoo and shower gel use more and 500-750 ml of household clothing is also very common.

The diversity of plastic materials can meet different packaging needs of products.

Most of the packaging containers for cosmetics and detergents are made of HDPE. In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, the materials used for plastic bottles for sale are becoming more and more abundant.

Transparent containers can make consumers see the contents clearly, so consumers have more and more requirements for transparent containers. Transparent polypropylene CPP is the main material to meet this requirement. The development of transparent packaging bottles of PP is a hot spot in plastic packaging at home and abroad in recent years. Comparing with other transparent plastic resins, CPP is a new product with low cost and competitive advantage. This highly transparent polypropylene container, with good transparency and gloss, enjoys good taste and is very popular.

Transparent PET plastic bottles for sale have also become packaging containers competing with cosmetics manufacturers. PET bottle has the following characteristics: 1. It has a wide range of capacities. After stretch blow moulding process, the high strength and transparency plastic bottle can be used from tens of milliliters to 2 liters. 2. It has good transparency and gloss, good plasticity, impact resistance and dimensional stability, stable chemical performance and good gas resistance. 3. PET bottle feels soft.
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