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Diversification Of Plastic Shampoo Bottle Containers Packaging Is The Trend

When it comes to shampoo bottle containers, the images in our minds are relatively uniform and fixed. Plastic shampoo bottle containers with butterfly caps are the main ones. The main reason is that the shampoo market is mainly monopolized by several well-known brand enterprises, and there is not much room for market departments to choose. However, the market is always developing.

With some people getting rich first and the growing middle class, the future shampoo market will continue to be subdivided, not unchanged, and the same shampoo bottle packaging will certainly be diversified. In the future, with the difference of shampoo market positioning, in the field of high-end shampoo bottle packaging, more high-end materials will be needed. The author believes that acrylic and glass materials will be the key packaging materials for high-end shampoo bottles in the future. Compared with glass shampoo bottles, acrylic shampoo bottles are more popular because they are not easy to break and cost less. The shampoo bottle cap will be made of more high-grade metal, while the pump head extrusion shampoo bottle will be more popular. At the same time, for ordinary shampoo bottle packaging, we think it will also differentiate. Large shampoo bottles may be more suitable for consumers with more barber shops or family members. With the increase of people's outdoor activities, the market will introduce small capacity shampoo bottles suitable for carrying around.
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