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Frosting Process in Plastic Bottle Production

Grinding process makes the original smooth things not smooth. This special treatment effect is gradually emerging in all kinds of products nowadays. Grinding effect can make the product more textural and artistic, and improve the product's appearance and grade. In the packaging market, glass bottle grinding technology has been widely used, and now plastic bottle grinding has gradually begun to appear in the market.

With the development of the plastic bottle market, grinding technology is gradually used in plastic bottles, such as cosmetic bottles and plastic camellia oil bottles have begun to use grinding technology. For plastic bottles, the process of external packaging, unlike glass bottles, it can not be sprayed, baked and other processes, so the grinding process for plastic bottles is very precious.

Packaging materials such as plastics account for 41% of household garbage. For such non-recyclable plastic products, if laws and regulations vigorously promote the prohibition, the market space of degradable plastics is expected to open soon. On glass bottle frosting, the frosting effect of wine bottle and perfume bottle is more traditional. After the wine bottle and perfume bottle are ground, the original transparent glass bottle body appears hazy, giving consumers different senses. Grinding process is relatively low cost, and it is an ideal glass bottle treatment process. Therefore, frosting has been used more frequently in wine bottles and perfume bottles in recent years.

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