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How Are Bottle Caps Manufactured?

As a sealing product of bottle mouth, the bottle cap is an important part of bottle packaging. The bottle cap with novel design and good quality not only increases the brand price of the product itself but also can seal the product. So how did this kind of weird bottle cap be made?

According to the difference in the manufacturing process, the bottle cap can be divided into two methods: compression cap and injection cap.

I. Compression Cover

(1) Modulation of inclusion materials. Strictly according to customer needs and quality criteria, select high-quality manufacturing materials. Usually, liquor bottle caps are made of plastic. If users need to manufacture metal or porcelain wine bottle caps, they should select iron, aluminum, porcelain, clay, and other materials as manufacturing materials. Inclusion of key manufacturing materials and assistant materials will be retained.

(2)Hot melting. The prepared material is incorporated into the barrel of the compressor and heated in the barrel to the semi-melt flow plasticized form. At this point, the temperature in the barrel will be controlled to about 200 degrees. The material melts after heating and is fully blended. This is a critical process. Hot melt temperature control will directly affect the quality of products.

(3)High and low modes. Fully heated and blended materials in the barrel will be quantitatively extruded into the die cavity. Close the high and low die to finalize the product. The die must be carefully manufactured from beginning to end to minimize the deviation of product appearance.

(4)cooling demoulding. Allow the heated product to be fully cooled in the die cavity. Do not cool quickly. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of the bottle caps. When the cap is cooled, the mold can be freed. And implement the final ring cutting and padding workflow

II. Injection Cap

The manufacturing process of injection cap is roughly the same as that of the compression cap. The inclusion material is injected into the gun barrel of an injection molding machine. After melting at high temperature, the injection is injected into the cavity of the mold for cooling and setting. After the completion of the demoulding, and the implementation of ring cutting and padding.

Nowadays, the most widely used manufacturing method in shopping malls is the pressure plastic cover. Comparing with the injection cap, the compression cap can save material and resources in the manufacturing process, with high accuracy and strong operability. For cap manufacturer in China, this kind of advantage reduces the cost of manufacturing, which is also the reason why the plastic cap is chosen as the main manufacturing process of all kinds of caps by the major cap manufacturer in China.
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