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How To Produce Plastic Bottles

Transparent plastic bottles are plastic packaging containers processed by blow molding. The injection molding process constitutes the center product bottle blank, and then the blow molding process constitutes the plastic bottle, which is the principle of two-step molding. At present, transparent plastic bottles are mostly used in medicine, beverage, mineral water, candy, seasoning, and other packaging.

So how are plastic bottles made?

There are two main methods to make plastic bottles, extrusion blow molding and needle blow molding. The injection molding technology of plastic bottles is that in the process of injection molding, the molds used to molding plastic bottles contain both negative and positive molds. The plastic melt is injected into the cavity of the mold under high pressure by the injection machine. When the cavity is opened, the positive mold needs to be removed from the inside of the negative mold and ejected from the bottle body. The characteristics of blow molding of plastic bottles are introduced below.

1. The melt of the plastic bottle is injected into the blank mold, and the orientation effect is correspondingly observed around the inside of the cavity. Also, the ambient temperature of parison blow molding is lower than that of extrusion blow molding. Orientation effect during blow molding can be preserved, which can enhance the overall strength of plastic bottles.

2. The appearance of the plastic bottle will not constitute a joint, and it does not need to be repaired after shaping. Normally, there will be no corner surplus, while the corner material produced by extrusion blow molding is generally 5-30%. The gloss of plastic bottles is relatively high, and the transparency of plastic bottles produced with transparent polymers is higher.

3. Sliding bottom modules can be installed on the blow molds of plastic bottles, so they are more and more suitable for the manufacture of printed plastic bottles and wide-mouth plastic bottles.

4. In general, most of the plastic bottles formed by extrusion blow molding are small plastic bottles. For products with very complex shapes, the speed of energy consumption will increase significantly.

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