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How to Seal the Cap Structure of Edible Oil Bottle

Monolithic lid (with a cylindrical seal inside, almost all drinks can be used);

Double cover (there is a soft cushion inside, Sprite and Coke are often used);

The sealing principle and structure of the caps of two types of edible oil bottles are different.
Single cap relies on sealing ring, top seal and side seal to ensure the sealing effect, among which the sealing ring is necessary. Side seal and top seal can be selected according to the requirements of sealing effect and bottle cap structure design. Through the three structures of sealing ring, top sealing and side sealing, the internal and external connection channels of the bottle are isolated from the inside, top and outside of the bottle mouth.

The cap of a small plastic oil bottle weighs only a few grams and sells for a few cents. Behind the product is the whole industrial strength of the country. Including but not limited to:

Petrochemical industry: Edible oil bottle caps are mainly made of PE, PP, and special plastics such as inner liner in double caps, all of which require food grade. Mold manufacturing profession: Bottle cap production mold is divided into an injection mold and compression mold.

Large-scale production management and quality management capabilities: a bottle cap costs a few cents, only large-scale production can produce satisfactory profits, machinery, personnel, automation and so on, the management capacity of the factory is increasingly demanding. The machine produces hundreds of bottle caps a minute a day. To ensure that the quality of each product meets the requirements, the quality management and professional competence requirements are not the same as those of other ordinary professions.

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