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Personal Care Containers

With the increasingly fierce competition in the day-to-day market, businesses have come up with various ways to attract consumers' attention and get recognition. Nowadays, packaging is an important part in the competition process, because day-to-day packaging is also increasingly valued and developing.

According to the present situation of daily chemical packaging on the market, there are mainly four kinds of packaging: plastic, carton, hose and glass. Plastic bottle packaging is widely used in the field of daily chemical packaging. It has transparency, translucency and opacity, which can show the characteristics of different products and is deeply loved by the manufacturers of daily chemical industry. The same hose is also known as some personal care containers, such as facial cleanser, skin care products and other products mostly in the form of hose packaging. In addition, with the continuous renewal of the concept of packaging designers and the continuous development of related technologies, the application scope of cartons in the daily chemical field is also expanding. Although glass bottles account for less than 8% of cosmetic packaging containers nowadays, they still have irreplaceable advantages in this field, and remain the preferred material for high-end cosmetics in the short term.

In view of the current development trend of personal care containers, it is becoming more and more obvious to highlight the individuality of products through packaging. In recent two years, the homogenization phenomenon of daily chemical products packaging has become serious. To avoid this situation, daily chemical enterprises constantly bring forth new ideas by introducing novel shapes and humanized designs, highlighting the novelty and elegance of products, and improving the competition of products from the appearance. When choosing products, consumers not only pay attention to the aesthetics of product packaging, but also pay more and more attention to other functions of packaging. Intelligent and humanized packaging has undoubtedly become one of the important trends in the development of packaging industry.
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