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Rules For Plastic Bottle Supplier

Plastic bottle material classification: commonly used PET, PP, PE, PC, PET bottle transparent, non-toxic, impact resistance, high temperature resistance. It can hold mineral water, coke, peanut oil and cosmetics. It must be filled cold and used once (not sterilized at high temperature).

PP bottle is non-toxic, transparent, heat-resistant and shock-resistant. It can be filled with juice beverage and shampoo, which is very important for juice beverage. It can not be sterilized by pressure cooker and has poor transparency. PE bottle is similar to PP bottle. Toughness is better than PP, but rigidity and heat resistance are poor. It has good solvent resistance. The plastic soy sauce bottle seems to be PE. A small amount of liquor or kerosene will do.

PC bottle is transparent, impact resistant, high temperature resistant, and the material is more expensive. 5 gallon pure water bottle is the most used and can be sterilized by high temperature steam.

The key is what you want to install, whether there is corrosiveness, appearance requirements and so on, and decide what material to use.

The corresponding rules for plastic bottle suppliers are as follows:
1. If you need to customize the shape of the plastic bottle you need, you need to provide your own customized plastic bottle graphics. It is very important to pay for the cost of the mold, the material of the plastic bottle and the cost of the mold are relatively high, especially for the packaging plastic bottles of health food products.

2. If plastic bottles need to be packaged for their own products, plastic bottle suppliers will generally recommend the corresponding plastic bottles. Ordinary plastic bottle manufacturers will send some samples free of charge to their own trial, but express delivery needs to pay for themselves. After the sample is tested, the manufacturer of plastic bottle will make a quotation. The quotation of plastic bottle is based on your quantity or your annual purchase volume. The profit margin of plastic bottle itself is not very high, so the quantity is very important.

Because of the great competition in the plastic bottle industry, many manufacturers do not strictly control the quality, resulting in a series of market chaos. Therefore, choosing a high-quality supplier is responsible for the enterprise, rather than simply doing things for profit to make the enterprise lose.
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