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The Principle of the Spray bottle and Spray

Spray bottles' water ejected from the bottle has the following three processes:

1. Exhaust process: Assume that there is no liquid in the pump at the initial state. Press the press head (the press head is connected with the piston), the piston pushes the upper valve down, the spring is compressed, the volume of the studio is compressed, and the pressure increases. Because the piston and pump are not completely closed, the gas squeezes the gap between the piston and the pump, separating it and escaping the gas.

2. Absorption process: After exhaust, release the press head, release the compressed spring, push the upper valve and piston upward, and the gap between the upper valve and piston is closed. The volume of the pump increases, the pressure decreases, approximating the vacuum, and the liquid is pressed into the pump through the suction pipe to complete the water absorption process.

3. Water discharge process: the principle is the same as the exhaust process. The difference is that the pump is now full of liquid. When the press head is pressed, on the one hand, the lower valve closes the upper end of the suction pipe to prevent the liquid from returning to the container from the suction pipe; on the other hand, because the liquid (incompressible fluid) is squeezed, the liquid will break through the gap between the piston and the pump and flow into the compression pipe. And come out of the nozzle.

If the nozzle is small and the pressure is smooth (i.e. there is a certain velocity in the compression tube), when the liquid flows out of the orifice, the liquid velocity is very high, that is to say, the air has a very large velocity relative to the liquid, which is equivalent to the problem of high-speed airflow impacting water droplets. Air impacts large water droplets into small ones and refines them step by step. If the nozzle is bigger, it will emit water droplets.

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