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What is the Material of the Frosted Plastic Bottles?

The pla stic cup is used very extensively, a lot of people took a fancy to the advantage that plastic cup is not easily broken and not an easy blowout, so a lot of people choose a plastic cup. So what material do the frosted plastic bottles belong to?

Plastics are macromolecules, commonly known as plastics or resin, which are polymerized by addition or condensation of monomers. It is free to change the composition and form, it is made of synthetic resin and filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, color additive composition.

What is the material of the frosted plastic bottles? At present, the material of frosted plastic cups in the market is the most polypropylene material, which belongs to the safest food-grade plastic raw material. PP material without any additives, PP thermal deformation temperature changes from more than 70 to more than 100 degrees. So this material is the safest and most used material in plastic cup raw materials.
Secondly, PC polycarbonate material is also used as raw material for grinding plastic cups. PC polycarbonate has high-temperature resistance and good transparency.

However, PC materials are easy to release a small amount of Bisphenol a, so since September 1, 2011, China has completely banned the use of food containers for infants and young Children, and has not banned the use of plastic bottles for adults. To know what the material of each plastic cup is, you should pay attention to the logo in the triangle at the bottom of the plastic cup. These logos are made up of the material of the plastic cup, which is also the identity card of the plastic cup.

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