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Where Are The Advantages Of Plastic Wine Bottles?

Beer is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. For a long time, glass bottles are the main containers of beer, but their impact resistance and pressure resistance are poor. There are potential safety hazards. It is of great market value to develop cheap and applicable alternatives. As a new type of beer packaging container, the development of PET plastic beer bottle has become a hotspot of global research.

China's beer industry has become one of the fastest-growing, largest production and sales and most competitive industries in the world beer market. In the next five years or so, there is still room for greater growth in this market. For a long time, beer has been mainly packaged in glass bottles, especially in China, the utilization rate of glass beer bottles is more than 90%. However, the inherent defects of glass bottles have triggered a global upsurge in the search for cheap and suitable alternatives. New plastic PET beer packaging containers have emerged in Europe and the United States, and China has been increasing its investment in this subject.

Plastic wine bottles, a popular packaging product abroad, are hardly visible in China. At present, the packaging technology of plastic wine bottles has become more and more mature. The explosion of plastic beer bottles is much less harmful than that of glass wine bottles. At the same time, the cost of a single bottle of a plastic wine bottle is lower than that of a glass beer bottle, and the quality of the plastic beer bottle is light, and logistics has great advantages.

In China, glass bottles recycled twice or three or four times are widely used, and used glass bottles are collided, scratched and extruded, resulting in the decline of various surface quality and internal quality of glass bottles, thus aggravating the potential safety hazards. At the same time, the investment scale of manufacturing glass bottles is large, energy consumption is large, logistics costs are high, and the breakage rate is high. At the same time, the production process of glass bottles has a greater impact on environmental pollution. In recent years, the beer plastic packaging materials, due to the characteristics of lightweight, good strength, easy processing, easy recycling and so on, have a small number of plastic bottles in Europe and the United States at present in some countries in particular beer such as light beer and wine bottles with low gas content have been applied in some packaging. Taizhou alpha mold technology Co., LTD focuses on all kinds of plastic wine bottles wholesale, production and sales, welcome to buy.
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