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Why Is Coke In Glass Taste Better Than Coke In Plastic Bottle?

I think glass bottles are better than aluminum cans, aluminum cans are better than plastic bottles, and small plastic bottles are better than big ones. In fact, when there was a paper cup beverage machine, paper cup coke and glass bottle taste the same, but the production of paper cup beverage machine is very unstable, the concentration and air volume often change.

The problem is not as simple as it seems. I did some research on it.

I think bring taste difference is the primary factor quantity, when I was a kid bottle of coke is 300 ml, then changed the little bottle is 200 ml, 355 ml cans before, now common to 330 ml, plastic bottles before is 600 ml, now generally is 500 ml, plus a bottle of 200 ml pocket. Bigger bottles of coke are off the table for now. According to my own experience and observation of small samples from other data, 200-300 ml is more suitable for a drink, especially drinks on the market now is very rich, many of them are a coke "addiction" came up, but some are tired of, more than 500 ml bottle of a lot of people don't drink it out at a time.

There is a joke that the best cola to drink is always the first bite of an open bottle, and the best yogurt is always the lump on the lid.

So it's important that you go from the refreshing feeling of opening the lid to just one drink at a time when you don't have the burden

The second thing is the temperature, the temperature has an effect on the taste of the cola syrup which is supported by scientific evidence and a lot of data on the taste test. Don't know you found no, Lord said "taste despise chain" is more noticeable in the normal temperature of coke, but if the glass bottles, cans, plastic bottles are in freezer ice after considerable time, the taste difference is not so big.

The glass bottle is thicker, heat insulation is better, as long as it is not stored in the place where the sun is exposed to the sun, you can drink it in your hand and have a cool feeling in your mouth. The heat conduction of aluminum can is best, easy to be affected by the external temperature, but the heat dissipation is also the most rapid, as long as it is placed in a cool place, it is generally cool. Plastic bottles are as good as the former two, heat insulation and heat dissipation effect is poor, I am more hate cold bottles of coke, drink was covered in the mouth always has a warm feeling, itself also plastic handle is also partial to "warm", when you set out with aluminum cans and glass bottles, feels the cold of psychology have a certain influence.

Are some psychological factors, the influence of coke is a kind of more traditional fizzy drinks, also has been committed to building "classic" image, the image is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and then mixed with most people's childhood memories, glass bottles, and cans, more a feeling of "classic", and plastic bottles will appear too "modernization".
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