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Structure and Performance Characteristics of Plastic Bottle Cap

Taizhou alpha mold technology Co., Ltd. LTD is a professional manufacturer of plastic bottle caps. The company integrates the design, production, plastic bottle caps wholesale and sales of plastic bottle caps. It adheres to the principle of "customer first, word of mouth first", wins customers with quality and sincerely waits for the world with service. Plastic bottle caps can be seen everywhere in our life. Maybe we haven't paid much attention to them. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the structure and classification of plastic bottle caps.

The structure and classification of plastic anti-theft bottle caps for beverage bottles are small, but their structures are complex. They have sealed inner plugs, threads, spiral cap teeth, connecting bridges and anti-theft rings. There are many stricter indexes for the bottle caps themselves, such as sealing performance, drop performance, heat resistance, opening torque and breaking caps. Performance and other requirements, to produce qualified cover products, the accuracy of the mold has high requirements.

There is a ring of sealing ring and internal thread in the plastic bottle cap. There is a ring of convex platform inside and outside the lower anti-theft ring. There are 18 thin connecting bridges with a diameter of about 0.mm connected with the cap 7. Once the cap is opened, the connecting bridge will break. After years of development, special injection molding machine for plastic bottle cap and its supporting conveying and testing unit have been formed. Most of the molds are made of hot runner system and multi-cavity mold. The 32 chambers, 48 cavities, 64 cavities, and 72 cavities are the main mold cavity numbers of foreign countries. The bottle cap belongs to thin-walled injection molding. Although the volume is small, the structure is more complicated, with the structure of the thread and anti-theft ring, and the connection between the bottle cap body and the anti-theft ring is relatively thin. Demoulding has become the main difficulty in the injection mold of the bottle cap.

According to the use of plastic bottle caps, their performance characteristics are different. The representative part is the inner wall of the top. For those plastic bottle caps that need to be leak-proof, they must have a set of ring leak-proof rings here. For non-leak-proof plastic bottle caps, they often do not have them here. There is a ring leakproof ring.

But also, the performance characteristics of plastic bottle caps are more similar and different. No matter what kind of plastic bottle caps, there will be a set of anti-theft rings to avoid their being used. Also, generally, all bottle caps are uniformly equipped with several flaky gyrotron pull fins designed to help you easily open.
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