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The Principle of of Spherical Surface Processing of Hollow Plastic Float Ball

The principle of spherical surface processing of hollow plastic float balls is to use a high precision grinding and polishing machine to process the surface. The grinding and polishing machine has a lower driving device, a lower spindle, a grinding disc and a feeding device with gold-steel sand under it. The upper end of the lower spindle is fixed with the grinding disc of the lower gold-steel sand, including an upper grinding disc, an upper spindle and an upper driving device. The lower end of the upper spindle is connected with the upper gold-steel sand. The grinding disc is fixed and connected with each other. The inner and outer retaining rings are respectively arranged at the central position and outer edge of the upper end face of the lower grinding disc, and more than one arc-shaped outer retaining ring is arranged at the upper end face between the inner retaining ring and the outer retaining ring of the lower grinding disc. Through this technical scheme, the dynamic balance principle is adopted, and the arc is combined by reverse differential rotation of the upper and lower grinding discs. The shape retaining ring makes the processed hollow plastic floating balls change their angles between the upper and lower grinding plates continuously, so as to achieve the effect of hollow plastic floating balls grinding, and make the hollow plastic float balls have good size consistency and high precision. The spherical processing principle of hollow plastic floating ball is mainly aimed at plastic PP, ABS, POM, PA, PE, PMMA and other materials.

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