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The Processing Technology of Plastic Bottle Cap is Extremely Important

The processing technology of plastic bottle cap is very important. When choosing the mold material, we need to consider the use and processing technology of plastic bottle cap comprehensively. Generally, the materials used for hot-working plastic bottle cap are 5CrMnMo and 5CrNiMo. However, because of the low alloy content of the materials, when the size of the plastic bottle cap of the workpiece is larger than 300mm, its permeability is poor and the core will not be hardened. In general, this kind of material is suitable for smaller plastic bottle caps. If the size of plastic bottle caps is larger and the shape is more complex, 5Cr2NiMoVS and 3Cr2MoVNi are generally used.

The basic requirement of plastic bottle cap dies processing technology is to reduce workpiece deformation and processing error and avoid cracks due to stress concentration. For example, when machining slender shaft or thin-walled parts, support points should be added to maintain the processing stiffness of the workpiece. Other matters needing attention are as follows.

1) When processing the chamfered corner of the core of the plastic bottle cap mold, there is usually enough margin after rough processing. The general margin is 0.5-1 mm, followed by semi-finishing and finishing. Enough allowance is required to ensure that the workpiece can be finely machined after heat treatment.

2) Fine grinding wheels with poor cohesiveness and strong cutting force are generally used in finishing grinding, which are cleaned after several runs over the grinding wheel machine; the amount of grinding tool and the use of appropriate coolant are reduced, and the tempering treatment is generally required after finishing grinding to ensure the dimensional stability of the workpiece.

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