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These Small Things of Life Can be Addicted Once Used.

1. Blower stand
For girls, hair dryers are the most annoying! Since you have to use it every day, to put it away will be inconvenient to find; to put it on the table, it occupies space, and there are twisted lines which is annoying to watch. It's great to be able to hang up like this, and it's also wall-sorption and  very convenient to dismantle and move.

2. Lazy Duster
You can use it to wash dishes and pots, wipe tables and  your hands... It can be used either dry or wet, and absorb water and oil. No longer need to prepare multiple dishcloths in the kitchen, lazy dishcloths can do all of these things! No need for washing, hanging up  to dry, besides, it  doesn't occupy space, you may  just use it  up and throw it away, which is very convenient and sanitary!

3. Multi-functional small milk pots
Another good stuff for lazy people! Since Chao Jie bought this kind of small milk pot, I have never washed the dishes again ~because it can be used both as a pot and a bowl, I only need to wash this pot! (For lazy people, one less dish to wash is a victory.) Instant noodles, wonton, noodles, eggs... As long as you want to eat, there's  nothing can't be cooked! You may use flammable stoves, or induction cookers. It is  both convenient and fast, only takes a take-away time to cook , a must for lazy people!

4. Foldable Dirty Basket
Having no time to wash changed dirty clothes , and just pile it up on the bed, chairs, sofas... will make the room look messy! Buy a clothes basket and put away all the dirty clothes. Then the room will be more refreshing. Not only is it flexible and foldable, but it can place sorted cloths so that you don't need to sort it when doing laundry~

5. vacuum spray bottle
Every time go traveling, the most annoying thing is consider how to organize skin care products, such a big bottle, heavy and space-occupying.  If you travel by plane, you have to make a consignment, glass bottle can also be accidentally damaged!  However, with this vacuum spray bottle, such a  problem would no longer trouble you.

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