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Why is the Capacity of Red Wine Bottles mostly 750ml? What's the Use of a Concave Bottom?

What's the particular things about red wine bottles?

Why the 750 ml type is common? What shapes are there?

Bordeaux was the first wine to be exported to Britain. It was transported in a large oak barrel with a maximum capacity of 900 liters. At that time, the glass bottle could only blow up to 750 milliliters, which was exactly 1200 bottles. It had been using 750 ml bottles ever since. The British regulations of that year gradually spread to all parts of the world and continue to this day.

Several major French producing areas roughly divide the wine bottle shape into four types: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Provence and Alsace. Of course, there are many different forms, but they are all developed on the basis of these four. The main difference between them is the size of the belly and the flattening of the shoulder.

Bordeaux bottles have "shoulders" to stop food and other things, so when you drink wine, don't drink all the wine to the net. And the reason why the bottom of the bottle (the French call it "little ass")be sunken in  is that it can make the residue to have a foothold.

At the bottom of the bottle, there are two symbols: reverse writing E55 and E63, which indicate the height from the bottom to the top, used to distinguish the belly size of the wine bottle. The higher the bottle, the smaller the belly, and vice versa.

How to distinguish the quality of wine? How much wine should be poured?

To distinguish the quality of wine, you can see the color. Bright color on the edge of the wine shows it is newly-made wine, yellowing indicates that it is not well preserved, or has entered a recession period, and the fragrance is dying. It can also be seen through the bottle cap. Simply put, the distance between the stopper and the wine should be one centimeter. If the distance is too big or too small, it means excessive oxidation, so don't drink it.

Usually the alcohol content of wine is between 11% and 16%. In fact, wine with over 16% alcohol content is rare, because excessive alcohol concentration kills yeasts.

How much wine should I pour when pouring? Take the standard glass as an example, the wine should not exceed the widest part (belly).

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